There are many advantages to attending the remnant academy! here are just a few...

  • Children are cared for in a clean, loving, happy, and friendly environment.
  • Children are taught Biblical values.
  • There is a bathroom and a sink available to every classroom.
  • Children are able to use the school garden for learning and growing food. 
  • Each class uses Frog Street Curriculum.
  • Parents are able to check in with their child's teacher in real time through an app.
  • Children feel secure in a 7,654 square foot facility.
  • Children have access to a splashpad to cool off in each summer. 
  • There are glass windows in every door for parents to see in.
  • Our building is secured with a key code pad for entry into the building.
  • Our outdoor areas are protected with a locked gate. 
  • A 9,000 square foot covered Pavilion makes it fun to play outside even on hot or rainy days. It's always cooler under the Pavilion!
  • Teachers can stop and pray about any situation that arises throughout the day.
  • The teacher/student ratio is better than what is required by day care licensing standards.
  • Each teacher is CPR and First Aid licensed, which is above and beyond than what is required by day care licensing standards.
  • The Remnant Academy has a 4-Star Texas Rising Star rating, which is the highest rating given!
Your child is important to us at The Remnant Academy!