2016-2017 texas minimum state vaccine requirements for child-care facilities

We are required to maintain an accurate record of each child's most recent vaccinations. We do not need to have their immunizations on file if the child has a conscientious or medical exemption, or if the child is enrolled in Kindergarten or a higher grade at a public or private school.

Please use the chart below to determine whether your child has received all of the necessary vaccines for child-care facilities for his/her age. If you notice any missing, we highly recommend setting a plan with your child's doctor for your child to receive them in order for them to attend The Remnant Academy.

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You can sign your child up for ImmTrac through your child's pediatrician. It is an easy way for child care providers to attain immunization records and stay up-to-date with all of the necessary vaccines required through the state of Texas.

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