director leticia fonville

Leticia Fonville began working at The Remnant Academy in 2013. She began by  the capacity of the cook, and began filling in as a teacher in 2014. Since then, Leticia has worked towards furthering her education through a Child Development Associates Credential through the national Council for Professional Recognition and is currently in college to receive a degree in Early Childhood Development. 

Leticia became a certified to become a director in 2019 and received her director's credential in 2020. 

. Leticia loves spending time reading, taking care of plants, and spending time with her family. 

Director jodie roe

Jodie Roe stepped into the director role at The Remnant Academy in the summer of 2023 after teaching in a classroom since 2017. Jodie spends her weeks (and weekends!) at sporting events with her family. A long-time Texan, Jodie enjoys the quiet life La Grange has to offer. Jodie is currently enrolled in college for a degree in early education and looks forward to serving the community for many years. 

Pastor Jan Hill - Founder

Pastor Jan Hill is the founder of The Remnant Academy. She has a B.S. and a Master's in Education from Southwest Texas State University. Pastor Jan also has 25 years of teaching experience in public schools, and over 15 years of experience running the Remnant Church children's programs. She is married to Pastor Dennis Hill, who founded the Remnant Church and helped jump-start The Remnant Academy.

Pastor Jan has a special gift for working with children. Her desire is to see children have the opportunity to learn in a Christian environment. She truly believes that "Age does not a put a limit on what children can do at The Remnant Academy!"

Emily gonzalez- the director who paved the way

Emily Gonzalez is Pastor Jan's daughter and was the director of the Remnant Academy from 2012-2022. When the Remnant Academy began in 2007, Emily worked as the Remnant Church secretary and would help Pastor Jan with details at The Remnant Academy.  

Emily brought forth an amazing vision for the future of our children and staff! The Remnant Academy grew exponentially under her leadership.

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