We have preschool classes available for three through five year olds. We currently have 2 preschool rooms, with two teachers in each room, and the children are placed in each room based on their personal development.

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what to expect:

More and more parents are choosing to start preschool before enrolling their children in kindergarten. Scientific studies prove that birth through age 5 are the most crucial years for the "wiring" of a child's brain! At The Remnant Academy, we implement Frog Street Curriculum AND we teach children bible-based behavior. Our children learn not only their ABC's and 123's but also that Jesus loves them, no matter what! We are strongly believe that children need a firm foundation in Jesus to carry  on when they move on to public schooling.

We provide all the supplies your child will need in the classroom. We just ask that you provide:

-A jacket for cooler weather

-Rain boots

-Extra clothes in case of an accident

-A blanket and pillow for nap

We encourage parents to stay involved in their children's school, and offer Parent/Teacher conferences in August, January, and May. Our teachers also welcome LifeCubby messages throughout the day from parents.

what is frog Street?